6 Best Product Review Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best product review plugins for WordPress?

Product review plugins can help you get more search engine traffic, increase affiliate link clicks, add user-submitted reviews to your website, and more.

In this article, we have selected the best product review plugins for WordPress.

5+ Best Product Review Plugins for WordPress

Why Use Product Reviews Plugins in WordPress?

What do you do when you want to buy something online? If you’re like most people, you probably check product reviews to compare different options.

If you have a Online Storeso allowing your customers to submit reviews is a smart way to add social proof and boost sales.

Same niche review sites where you write all the reviews yourself, you can use a product review plugin. The right review plugin will help you optimize your reviews in search results so you can get more clicks and traffic.

WordPress makes it easy add new blog posts and create important website pagesbut writing review content or adding reviews to your website requires additional features offered by WordPress plugins.

Product review plugins can help you increase your sales, allow users to add reviews on your website, add reviews from third-party platforms, and more.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best product review plugins you can use on your WordPress site.

1. WP Pro Review

WP Pro Reviews

WP Pro Reviews is the best WordPress product review plugin. It gives you full control over your WordPress product reviews and also makes it easy to create product comparisons and more.

It includes a library of pre-designed templates that you can customize to match your website design. There are different types of grading systems you can use, such as percentage, Star ratingdots, etc.

WP Review Point Rating Example

By creating a custom review box, you can present all important product information to your visitors, including a link to purchase the product. Review schema markup is also automatically included, allowing you to display star ratings in search results.

You can also let your users add their own reviews to your products, rate features, and vote on comments from other users.

WP Review Pro User Rating Example

The plugin also lets you display reviews from third-party sources like Facebook, Google Places, and Yelp, so you can easily add social proof to your WordPress website.



All-in-one SEO (AIOSEO) is the best SEO plugin for WordPress in the market used by more than 3 million websites. It offers the most user-friendly and comprehensive SEO toolkit to help you get more traffic from search engines.

It includes a setup wizard that will automatically help you choose the best SEO settings for your website to improve your rankings.

Moreover, it allows you to easily add product review schema to your review blog posts. Schema markup doesn’t appear on your website for visitors to see, but it does help search engines better understand your content and correctly display your product reviews.

Rich snippets will grab the attention of potential visitors and are more likely to get clicks from search results.

Sample Rich Snippets Product Schema

When you write your product reviews, AIOSEO will automatically detect the right type of schema based on what you write.

You also have full control over the product rating scheme and can enter relevant product information for search engine crawlers to read.

AIOSEO product diagram

You can also add existing customer reviews to make search look even better.

You’ll find this option under the schema revision box in your post editor.

AIOSEO Customer Reviews Box

There is a free version of the plugin available, but you will need the pro version of the plugin to access the product review schema functionality.

3. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews allows you to collect customer reviews and testimonials as well as create your own product reviews.

For example, you can create a specific page on your website to present your testimonials to help improve your social proof and conversions.

You have full control over your feedback forms and the information you want to collect from your users. To display reviews, you can use shortcodes or the included block.

You can view reviews in your WordPress dashboard, so you have full control over which ones are displayed.

It also has the ability to transform any existing WordPressblog post in a product review, and it adds a product review schema to make your review look better on search engines.

4. Notices on the site

Site Reviews

Site Reviews is an easy-to-use reviews plugin that lets you collect customer reviews for your products, services, or local businesses, similar to a site like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

You can even allow users to view certain parts of your website, such as posts, products, pages, etc.

It comes with a simple settings page that lets you control how you want reviews collected and how you want them displayed on your website. You can customize the review form and display it anywhere on your site.

You can also pin your best reviews to the top, so your customers see them first.

Sample Review Site Reviews

It also integrates with WooCommerceso you can improve the way customers leave reviews about your WooCommerce Product Pages.

You can display your reviews using the included Gutenberg block or shortcode to display specific reviews.

5. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce allows you to easily add more detailed reviews to your store.

This plugin helps improve your social proof, so when visitors land on your product pages, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Your customers can attach photos and vote on reviews, and you can add a question and answer section, so your product listings look like Amazon’s.

Improved WooCommerce Product Page with Reviews

There is also a feature to send automated emails after a customer makes a purchase to help you generate more reviews. You can also send coupon after review remains on your product.

6. Schema – All-in-one Schema Rich Snippets

Schema All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Diagram is a simple free plugin that lets you add product schema markup to your reviews, so you can display rich snippets in search results.

It’s not as in-depth as the AIOSEO Schema feature mentioned above, but it’s a solid free option.

When you select the review schema type, you will have additional product details to fill in, such as reviewer name, product name, price, star rating, etc.

It also supports other types of schema markup, including articles, recipes, software, and events.

Bonus: OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the best popup plugin for wordpress used by over 1.2 million websites. You can easily create high converting popup campaigns to grow your broadcast list.

It comes with a library of over 400 templates that you can use to quickly create spin to earn optinsalert bars, yes/no optionsand many other types of contextual campaigns for your website.

You can use these popups creatively. For example, you can create a popup that displays a coupon for the product you’re reviewing in the article.

OptinMonster Affiliate Popup Example

It’s a popular way to increase affiliate revenue and earn more revenue than most. the most successful WordPress blogs use on their product review articles.

Besides OptinMonster, two other plugins that might be useful depending on your use case are Smash Balloon and Uncanny Automator.

smashing balloon is the #1 social media feed plugin for WordPress. It allows you to display user-generated content and product reviews from social media on your website without any code.

strange automaton is the best WordPress automation plugin. It allows you to automate the process of collecting customer reviews after they purchase. It also helps you create other automated workflows on your site without any code.

We hope this article helped you find the best product review plugins for WordPress. You can also check our guide on how much does it cost to create a WordPress site and our expert picks best business phone services for small businesses.

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