AdSense suspends monetization on some Ukraine-related topics

AdSense sent an email to publishers reminding them of a new policy related to Russia’s war on Ukraine that could lead to lower revenue. The update aims to expand and clarify the existing policy on where it is not acceptable to show ads.

Google suspends monetization of specific content

The email sent to publishers reminded of a new policy regarding content on the war against Ukraine and expanded on the current policy against monetization of content.

Google framed the update in the subject line of the email as a “Important Notice: Ukraine Update.”

The notice stated:

“Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause the monetization of content that exploits, rejects or condones war.

… This break includes, but is not limited to, allegations that imply that victims are responsible for their own tragedy or similar cases of victim blaming, such as allegations that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens.

The above email notice expands on the recently updated Official Google Publisher Policies.

The current policy update posted online simply states:

“Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause the monetization of content that exploits, rejects or condones war.”

The AdSense policy is an agreement

Participation in the AdSense program means that the publisher agrees to abide by the rules defined by the program.

Publishers who feature user-generated content, such as in comments or online forums, should be especially aware of this new policy.

Publishers who insist on hosting content that violates Google’s policy should remove Google AdSense from pages that host the type of content that violates AdSense policy.

The policy does not dictate the type of content that publishers can publish.

It only tells publishers what types of content AdSense is allowed to display on.

The policy itself notes:

“Google helps create a free and open Web by helping publishers monetize their content and advertisers reach potential customers with useful and relevant products and services. Maintaining trust in the advertising ecosystem requires setting limits on what that we are going to monetize.”

So, if your content is inconsistent with these rules for the type of content that can be monetized, publishers may consider removing advertising from these pages, because while Google may discontinue ad monetization, Google may also terminate the AdSense account entirely. .

The policy states:

“Failure to follow these guidelines may result in Google banning ads on your content, or suspending or terminating your account.”


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