Bing’s new PubHub delivers millions of new site visitors

Microsoft announced the launch of PubHub, a new part of Bing Webmaster Tools that helps news publishers dramatically expand their reach and attract more readers.

PubHub for news publishers

PubHub is a new way for all news publishers, regardless of size, to dramatically increase their readership. The only prerequisite is that the publisher is already registered with Bing Webmaster Tools.

PubHub’s goal is to help millions of new readers discover high-quality news sites by exposing their content at different times when an audience may be interested in consuming news content.

According to the announcement:

β€œBing helps you introduce yourself to millions of people using Windows 10/11 and Outlook through the Outlook News Connector.

News is also available in the Bing search app on iOS and Android.

As a publisher, when you submit your content through the Bing Publisher Network, you dramatically expand your reach, giving your stories and outlets even greater exposure.

Adding to PubHub is easy. Simply log in to Bing Webmaster Tools, verify your news site, then sign up for Bing News PubHub.

Which news sites will be eligible?

Bing has listed four qualities they look for in a news site to feature through PubHub.

The focus is on site quality, user experience, and promoting exceptional sites.

Sites that want millions of users would do well to focus on objectively delivering the best content.

Bing lists four criteria for qualifying news websites:

  1. media value
  2. Originality
  3. Authority
  4. Readability

media value

Bing notes that eligible news sites must cover events and topics of interest that are genuine news. Topics such as advice columns, how-to’s, weather and stock information are not eligible.

Bing also notes that content about product promotion will also not be eligible.


When multiple organizations report the same thing, Bing says originality like facts, analysis, and viewpoints are important.


News content should include source citations and provide detailed attribution, including author information.


Bing requires that sites have no intrusive advertising and that content has good grammar and spelling.

New opportunity to increase the number of readers

The new PubHub provides an opportunity for publishers who strive to create quality reports to be rewarded with more readers.

It’s a win-win for Bing because it makes it more useful, for high-quality publishers because they will be rewarded for their efforts and finally it will be a boon for content consumers who will be exposed to higher-quality journalism. .


Read the Bing announcement

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