CIN: L24294PN1958PLC011052

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Manufacture of photochemical products such as photographic plates, films, sensitized paper, other sensitized unexposed materials and chemical preparations for photographic use; manufacture of prepared unrecorded media for sound recording and similar recor


GAT NO 922 &923SANASAWADI Pune , IN 412208

Company Funding Details

Authorised Capital

₹ 75000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 63864590

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
02396765 AJIT CHINUBHAI SHAH Director 2013-10-17 View other directorships
01532511 ANITA BELANI Director 2019-06-21 View other directorships
08334721 GUY FRANKLIN YOUNG Director 2019-01-25 View other directorships
08598568 KARENA CANCILLERI Additional Director 2019-10-31 View other directorships
02613688 RAVI MOTI KIRPALANI Director 2018-10-26 View other directorships
00029858 SANJAY MATHUR Managing Director 2011-04-01 View other directorships
08083932 UJJAL BHATTACHARJEE Additional Director 2021-01-01 View other directorships