CIN: L17119WB1992PLC054454

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Preparation, spinning and weaving of jute, mesta and other natural fibers including blended natural fibers n.e.c., It Comes Under Division MANUFACTURE OF TEXTILES and this come under scetion MANUFACTURING


21 STRAND ROAD, Kolkata, INDIA 700001

Company Funding Details

Authorised Capital

₹ 250000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 104668800

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
00040953 DHARAM CHAND BAHETI Managing Director 2007-07-27 View other directorships
00040903 HEMANT BANGUR Managing Director 2000-04-13 View other directorships
00288099 KRUTIBAS MAHAPATRA Director 2001-01-30 View other directorships
00278392 NANDITA SEN Director 2003-10-28 View other directorships
00698779 PRABIR RAY Director 2006-06-10 View other directorships
06758088 SATYENDRA NATH BHATTACHARYA Director 2013-11-13 View other directorships