CIN: L15492WB1914PLC002505

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Coffee curing, roasting, grinding and blending etc. including manufacture of instant coffee, chicory and other coffee substitutes, essence of concentrates of coffee., It Comes Under Division MANUFACTURE OF FOOD PRODUCTS AND BEVERAGES and this come under s


240B A J CH BOSE RD3RD FLOOR, Kolkata, INDIA 700020

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Authorised Capital

₹ 50000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 30001250

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
01349063 GULAB GHANSHAMDAS VASVANI Director 2007-03-02 View other directorships
02461998 RAM PRATAP SINGH Director 2014-03-10 View other directorships
07015684 RITUMBHARA AGARWAL Director 2014-11-18 View other directorships
00656810 SAJJAN KUMAR AGARWALA Wholetime Director 2006-03-29 View other directorships
01210174 SANDHIR AGARWALA Wholetime Director 1997-03-28 View other directorships
01210636 SHYAMAL SARKAR Director 2015-01-15 View other directorships
00839563 SURESH KUMAR AGARWALA Wholetime Director 2006-12-07 View other directorships