CIN: L17114WB1999PLC089148

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Preparation and spinning of man-made fiber including blended* man-made fiber. ( *Blended yarn/fabrics means, yarn/fabrics containing more than 50% of one fiber. ), It Comes Under Division MANUFACTURE OF TEXTILES and this come under scetion MANUFACTURING


42 GARDEN REACH ROAD, Kolkata, INDIA 700024

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Authorised Capital

₹ 150000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 104563810

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DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
08457248 HARISH KUMAR KANDOI Director 2019-05-23 View other directorships
00121433 JAYANT SOGANI Director 2009-03-10 View other directorships
06620290 SARAT PRIYA PATJOSHI Director 2016-02-04 View other directorships
00305010 UMA SHANKAR ASOPA Director 2012-05-24 View other directorships