CIN: L17297WB1981PLC034226

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Manufacture of metallised yarn or gimped yarn; rubber thread or cord covered with textile material; Textile yarn or strip, impregnated, covered or sheathed with rubber or plastics, It Comes Under Division MANUFACTURE OF TEXTILES and this come under scetio


Room No. 407, 4th Floor, Premises No. 4 Clive Row Kolkata, Kolkata, INDIA 700001

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Authorised Capital

₹ 130000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 109920000

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
06904489 CHANDERKALA DEVI LAKHOTIA Director 2014-07-25 View other directorships
07526266 KISHAN SINGH Director 2017-12-02 View other directorships
07116760 KULDEEP DOSHI Wholetime Director 2019-04-11 View other directorships
06987476 SHARMILA RANABHAT Additional Director 2019-11-14 View other directorships