CIN: L24231WB1994PLC063778

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"Manufacture of chemical substances used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, endocrine products, basic vitamins; opium derivatives; sulpha drugs; serums and plasmas; salicylic acid, its salts and esters; glycosides and vegetable, It Comes


87 LENIN SARANI, Kolkata, INDIA 700013

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Authorised Capital

₹ 320000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 108479000

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
01341928 DIPAK CHANDRA RAY Director 2019-05-30 View other directorships
00329102 KINGSHUK SENGUPTA Director 1995-03-20 View other directorships
08449655 MONIKA BHATTACHARJEE Director 2019-05-10 View other directorships
00745033 PRADIP KUMAR CHAKRAVORTY Director 2002-09-24 View other directorships
01446405 SHAIBAL KUMAR CHAKRABORTY Director 1998-03-14 View other directorships