CIN: L19202WB1981PLC033731

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Manufacture of footwear made primarily of vulcalized or moulded rubber and plastic. This class includes manufacture of rubber footwear, plastic & PVC, canvas-cum-rubber/plastic footwear etc. including sports footwear., It Comes Under Division TANNING AND


4 PRINCEP STREET, Kolkata, INDIA 700072

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Authorised Capital

₹ 20000000

Paidup Capital

₹ 8059000

Company Directors List

DIN Director Name Designation Date Of Appointment
00527152 DAMNEET SINGH SONI Director 2003-06-02 View other directorships
00551612 HARCHARAN KAUR SONI Director 2014-05-13 View other directorships
00451352 JASMINE KAUR SONI Director 1997-10-03 View other directorships
00450408 PAWANDEEP SINGH SONI Director 1993-11-16 View other directorships
08654796 SABYASACHI GHOSH Additional Director 2020-01-01 View other directorships
00465611 SUKHDEV KAUR SONI Director 2014-05-13 View other directorships
00404274 TAJINDER SINGH Wholetime Director 1981-06-02 View other directorships
08967345 VAIBHAV RAI SINGHANI Director 2020-10-01 View other directorships