Google Page Experience update starts rolling out to desktop

Google’s Page Experience algorithm update for desktop search results is now rolling out “slowly”, the company confirms.

The update is expected to complete at the end of March.

Advance notice was given in November 2021 that the Page Experience update, first rolling out to mobile search results, will roll out to desktop search by February 2022.

Well, it’s on time.

There are key differences between how Page Experience is applied on mobile versus desktop.

See the next section for more information on the factors included in the desktop update and what it means for your website.

Updated Google Page experience for desktop search

Google’s Page Experience update for desktop search is an extension of the algorithm that launched in mobile search in summer 2021.

For the most part, Page Experience on desktop includes the same ranking signals as the mobile update.

“This means that the same three Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP, FID, and CLS, and their associated thresholds will apply to desktop rankings. Other aspects of page experience signals, such as HTTPS security and the absence of intrusive interstitials, will also remain the same.

google page experience desktop Screenshot from, November 2021.

Mobile friendliness, which is a signal built into the page experience for mobile search, do not apply to office.

What does this update mean for your website?

Factors that were not previously evaluated for your website in desktop search results will now be considered by Google.

If your website performs well on these factors on mobile, chances are it will perform the same on desktop.

Since mobile friendliness is not a factor for the Page Experience desktop update, your site could potentially get a ranking boost in desktop search even if it’s not mobile-optimized (as long as other criteria are met ).

If your site has separate desktop and mobile URLs, the desktop signal is based on the URLs that desktop users see.

Google Search Console has a new report dedicated to evaluating Page Experience Criteria on desktop versions of web pages.

You can use this report to get an idea of ​​the update’s potential impact on your site when it’s complete at the end of next month.

The desktop report can be accessed from the Page Experience tab in Search Console, directly below the mobile report.

It looks identical to the mobile report except for the mobile usability section.

See an example in the screenshot below:

page experience desktop reportScreenshot from, January 2022.

Remember, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the impact of this update until it’s complete at the end of March.

If you notice any changes in your desktop search rankings by the end of March, they may not be directly related to the Page Experience update.

For more information about the Page Experience Update, see:

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