How does Google handle page titles in multiple languages?

Writing page titles in multiple languages ​​is generally not recommended. However, Google now has a way to handle them when encountered.

An algorithm update is being rolled out that specifically targets multilingual page titles.

Here’s what’s changing and how it impacts search results.

Google Multilingual Title Algorithm Update

Google’s algorithm update is designed to identify pages whose title contains a different language than the main content and treat them differently than it did before.

Rather than displaying the page title in search results as it is written, Google will rewrite it in the language used in the main content.

This means that you can 100% expect your page titles to be rewritten if they contain more than one language or script.

As Google points out in a blog post, this change is based on the best practice of maintaining language consistency throughout a document:

“This week, we introduced an algorithmic enhancement that identifies documents where the title element is written in a different language or script than its content, and chooses a title similar to the language and script of the document. This is based on the general principle that the title of a document should be written in the language or script of its main content. This is one of the reasons why we might go beyond title elements for web results titles. »

This update also applies to transliterated titles, which is when content is written from one language into another language that uses a different script or alphabet.

Although the title contains only one language, it will be rewritten if it is not the same as the one used in the main content.

Google gives an example of a page title for a song written in Hindi but transliterated to use Latin characters rather than native Hindi Devanagari:

How does Google handle page titles in multiple languages?Image credit: Screenshot from, June 2022.

It’s best to use a title that matches the language and/or script of the main content of a page.

Source: Google

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