How to Change the Footer in Your WordPress Admin Panel

Do you want to change the footer message in your WordPress admin panel?

The default footer in the WordPress dashboard simply states that the site was built with WordPress and displays the version number. You might want to change this so you can congratulate yourself for developing the theme, announce a professional version of a plugin, or even add support links for your customers.

In this article, we will show you how to change the footer in the WordPress admin panel.

How to Change Footer in WordPress Admin

Why change the admin panel footer?

The default footer in the admin area of ​​your WordPress website is basic and not really useful for most users.

Edit WordPress Admin Panel Footer

It contains a link to the WordPress homepage and displays the version of WordPress you are currently using. If an update is available, the footer link will change to allow you to get it and update your site.

That’s it, though. You can change it to have links to your own site, provide helpful links to your users, or just delete it altogether since the space isn’t seen very often anyway.

With that in mind, let’s dig in and see how to edit the WordPress admin footer in two different ways.

To modify the footer in the admin dashboard, we will insert a code snippet in our theme’s functions.php file.

Normally, we only recommend pasting code snippets into your WordPress core files for advanced users, as even a slight mistake can break your site. Also, if you update your theme, any changes made to the functions.php file will be erased.

This is why we will use the free WPCode pluginwhich allows anyone to safely add code snippets to WordPress files.

First, you will need to install and activate WPCode. For detailed instructions, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once done, go to Snippets » Add a snippet in the left menu of the admin dashboard.

Simply search for “footer” and hover your mouse over the entry labeled “Edit admin panel footer text”.

Then all you have to do is click the “Use Snippet” button.

Use a snippet in WPCode to change the footer

Next, you will be taken to the Edit Snippet screen. WPCode automatically configures the settings for snippets you add from the library.

Then you just need to change the footer text in line 5 to whatever you want the new content to say. You will need to use HTML if you intend to include links or anything other than plain text.

WPCode edit snippet to change footer text

When you’ve changed the footer text to your liking, just flip the switch to “Active” and click the “Update” button.

The new admin panel footer will now be live on your site. This will vary depending on your specific changes, but the default WPCode snippet looks like this:

The sample admin panel footer for the WPCode snippet

If you like how this snippet works, you can check out the WPCode snippet library available at Code snippets” Library to see everything included for free with the plugin.

wpcode library

WPCode’s built-in library contains dozens of preconfigured code snippets. You can probably replace any one-time-use plugins you have on your site. For example, WPCode can disable the WordPress REST API, WP admin bar, or media attachment pages.

Another way to change the footer in the WordPress admin is to add code to your theme’s functions.php file. We recommend it only for advanced users, because even a small mistake can break your site.

For more information, see our in-depth guide on how to paste snippets from the web into WordPress.

First, you’ll need to connect to your site via FTP or via your WordPress host’s file manager. Next, head to your site’s /wp-content/themes/your_theme/ directory.

Where to find functions.php
Then you just have to edit the file. You can open it in a plain text editor like Notepad, or you can use the built-in editor if your host provides one.

Simply copy and paste this code into the functions.php file.

	function ( $footer_text ) {
		// Edit the line below to customize the footer text.
		$footer_text="Powered by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">WordPress</a> | WordPress Tutorials: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">WPBeginner</a>";
		return $footer_text;
The code after being pasted into functions.php

Be sure to change the HTML code in the starts with $footer_text in the sample code to whatever you want as the new admin footer.

Finally, save your file. You should immediately see the new footer in your admin.

The sample admin panel footer for the WPCode snippet

We hope this article helped you change the footer in your WordPress admin area. You might also want to check out our guide to the cost of setting up a WordPress site, or our expert comparison of the best virtual business phone number apps for small businesses.

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