How to Set Vacation Hours on Your Google Business Profile

Setting vacation hours on your Google business page is an easy way to ensure that customers will never be disappointed to find your business closed when they expect it to be open.

From a customer’s perspective, it’s infuriating to Google a business and see it listed as open, only to get there in person and learn otherwise.

Customers need to be able to rely on something as vital as the opening hours displayed on your Google Business page. It’s hard to regain that customer’s trust once it’s broken.

Luckily, Google makes it easy to keep your business hours up to date and accurate, even on holidays. You can literally set it and forget it.

If you know your business will have changed hours for a vacation in three months, set them today and Google will automatically change your hours when the day comes.

It is no longer necessary to change your schedules the same day and modify them the next day. Now you can automate everything.

This feature is not limited to recognized holidays. It can be used on any occasion when your business operates at different hours than usual.

In this article, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to set vacation hours for your Google Business Profile in advance.

Google Business Profile hours during holidays

Google lets you set vacation hours when your business hours are temporarily adjusted or your business is closed for up to six consecutive days.

If your business needs to be closed for more than six days, it should be set to “temporarily closed”.

You can schedule opening hours during holidays, special events and other circumstances when your opening hours are different from the usual.

Google advises confirming your opening hours for holidays even if they are the same as your regular hours, as searchers will be notified that your hours are accurate.

How to Set Vacation Hours for Your Google Business Profile

Step 1: Go to Google Business Profile Manager

Manage your Google Business Profile, then go to of, April 2022

Sign in to the account you use to manage your Google Business Profile, then go to

Step 2: Access your profile

Click Manage Profile next to the company you want to access.Screenshot of, April 2022

Click on Manage Profile next to the establishment you wish to access.

Then click Edit Profile > business information.

Step 3: Edit vacation hours

Edit vacation hours.Screenshot of, April 2022

Within the Hours click on the tab Holiday hours.

Step 4: Add dates and times

Add the dates and times when you will be closed or whose hours will change.Screenshot of, April 2022

Add the dates and times when you will be closed or whose hours will change.

If your business will be closed for an entire day, leave the box next to the date unchecked.

If your business will have modified hours for the day, check the box then enter the opening and closing hours.

Step 5: Save your changes

Click Save once you have entered the required information.Screenshot of, April 2022

Click on Save once you have entered the required information.

Once your hours are saved, you can change them at any time by following the same steps.

Other changes to Google Business Profile hours

If your business provides specific services with different hours, such as local delivery or in-store pickup, you can set More Hours instead of Holiday Hours.

Other hours can be added as a subset of your main hours. You can set these hours by following the same steps in the section above and selecting “Add more hours” instead of “Holiday hours”.

As mentioned, if you plan to take an extended vacation resulting in a business closure of more than six days, you will need to mark it as “Temporarily Closed” in your business profile. You can easily “re-open” your business in Google once back.

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