Manager account-level reporting is now available in Google Ads

Agencies, companies and multi-accounts, rejoice!

Simplified reporting dashboards for all your accounts are now in one view.

Google is rolling out reporting at the manager (CM) account level for all Google Ads users.

Changes in reports

Until now, you could only view reports at an individual account level. If you’ve been limited by this view, you know the struggle.

All the extra time and effort spent from account to account to review performance really adds up.

The other issue with individual account views was that it was difficult for advertisers to easily spot potential issues and opportunities.

With this change, you can now use the Dashboards feature at administrator account level. Below is an example of dashboards at the MCC level.

Example view of a Google Ads dashboard at the CM level.Image credit:, April 2022

Dashboard specific updates

In addition to visibility at the manager account level, Google Ads has updated and improved other dashboard features.

These changes will make dashboards faster to view and easier to use:

  • Edit date ranges and dashboard filters as a whole
  • Add conditional formatting, rich formatting features, and interactive table cards
  • Download reports faster and with better quality
  • Dynamically resize maps and dashboard layouts
  • Create a dashboard card by copying existing reports

How to Find MCC Dashboards

Access to your dashboards is easy to find.

First, navigate to “Reports” in the top section of your Google Ads manager account.

Learn how to access your My Client Center dashboard view.Image credit: Screenshot taken by the author, April 2022

From here, you’ll find already created dashboards, the option to create a new one, and the option to open the sample dashboard.

If you’re not sure where to start building your dashboard, the sample dashboard can give you a great visual starting point.

Home page for CM-level dashboards created in Google Ads.Image credit: Screenshot taken by the author, April 2022

The ability to view specific metrics at the administrator account level is a game-changer for advertisers.

This new Google Ads feature has many benefits, including:

  • Save time on account management
  • Proactively detect potential issues or opportunities that can benefit multiple accounts
  • More efficient account management
  • The ability to download higher quality reports

This last point about downloading better quality reports should not be ignored.

If you work in an agency or enterprise-level company, you can quickly view a high-level overview of company performance.

With C-Suite executives, or anyone above the Account Manager level, it can sometimes be difficult to capture their attention.

Having a high-level report to show where the opportunities are or where you need to focus more time gives them enough information in a short time.


Manager account dashboard views are available to all advertisers. If you’ve already created individual account dashboards, you can start by replicating those views at the account level.

If you’re building dashboards from scratch, think about ways to incorporate specific metrics that make sense for the views you’re building. You can create multiple dashboards for different groups of people and include the data that makes the most sense to them.

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured image: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

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