Schema Strategy – How to Get the Most Out of SERPs [Podcast]

Do you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts, boost your marketing strategy and drive more traffic?

Next, you want to take a look at the schema strategy.

Martha van Berkel, co-founder and CEO of Schema App, joined me on the SEJ Show to share tips on what works well with structured data and what to watch out for in the future.

To get this beautiful result, you need to translate your content into the language of search engines. This language is therefore Schema org is a vocabulary. And I often describe it, like, I speak French, so it’s like French or Italian. And he describes all these different ways of explaining something.–Martha van Berkel, 06:50

So structured data enables rich results, using the language of search engines and code to translate your website into that language to get those rich results. And rich results are those enhanced results in search. So you see stars, FAQ, image, video, carousel and availability.–Martha van Berkel, 06:07

With structured data, it should represent the content of the page, and it’s important whether you’re a business or part of a small organization.–Martha van Berkel. 10:09

[00:00] – A little about Marthe.
[05:41] – How internet connectivity differs from the scheme.
[09:56] – How important is your site’s markup to reflect the actual content?
[11:55] – Why schema drift is important.
[15:30] – How important is it to match the signals that Google reads?
[18:30] – What are the measurable aspects of stretch grid data?
[23:09] – Workarounds that do not depend on others for implementation.
[26:58] – The challenges of scaling schema data for enterprises.
[30:06] – What Martha sees in the market right now.
[36:12] – Two reasons to make structured data.
[38:48] – Where is a good place to start your site on schema?
[42:48] – Other events in the product, PDP page, schema and market world.
[54:22] – Does Martha recommend schema markup for privacy policy terms and conditions?

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Google wants you to be specific and appreciates your naturally answering this particular question. Therefore, your markup should be clear. –Martha van Berkel, 14:04

Look at the video schema if you have a video on your product or PDP pages.–Loren Baker, 52:00
As we enter a recession where people are cutting costs, I think structured data is one of those strategies that can do that. You can very easily correlate the work you do and the investment you make to results.–Martha van Berkel, 12:40

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A high-energy entrepreneur, Martha van Berkel has a proven track record of bringing ideas to life. As founder and CEO. from Schema App, it helps companies harness the power of structured data. By connecting the dots and taking action, she helps teams and businesses succeed.

As well as being the face and voice of Schema App, she is an expert in creating and defining new markets, onboarding customers and getting them excited about opportunities.

Martha spent 14 years at Cisco as an intrapreneur, product manager, manager and program manager. She has seasoned leadership skills and a great talent for simplifying complicated technology!

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